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What is tbtech?

tbtech is our first launched publication that focuses on how the tech world is changing for the people delivering that change and how it will affect business across the globe. Our technology news and publication is an essential source of information for senior executive and decision-makers in global industries. Our audience are business professionals interested in the world who have a keen interest in Tech, the latest trends and how these topics will impact their business and their lives.

Through the publishing platform you are able to build awareness of your great ideas exactly as you intended. Together, using our audience and style and your message you are able to shape the future of your brand amongst engaged professiaonls to improve your reputation, gain exposure

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Guided Submissions

Use our guided submission function to structure high-quality articles that have the highest chance of being published by our editorial team. Leave no stone unturned so that you have readers attention, intention and desire during every word.

“It’s simple to get my content reviewed and published by the editorial team, using the guided submissions means i ensure our clients are happy by giving them the media coverage they are trying to achieve.”

Marcia Hill, PR Manager

Marcia Hill, PR Manager

Plan, schedule & review

Prefer a more visual way of planning content? Use the drag and drop calendar to create and move articles around to suite your schedule. Select specific time and date and even share a preview link of your article for internal or client review and sign-off.

Being able to schedule and plan content in advance saves a lot of time and manual work compared to having to share releases at the right time with publishers. Showing our clients in advance that their work is being published really allows us to build better relationships.

Matt Roberts, Content Marketer

Matt Roberts, Content Marketer



The all-in-on platform for planning, scheduling, 

tracking and reporting on your contributed content.

Autonomous Status

When a member of our team reviews your contribution you will be sent an automated email, meaning you can focus on the next great piece of content instead of chasing for updates.

Boosted Content

Boost your content with guarenteed views, banners and insert a series of rich media such as backlinks, downloadable PDF’s and videos directly from our builder.


Gain access to rich reporting on your contributions to see how effective it is when published to our audience. Use your insights to influence the way you write content or what content you want to publish next.

Visual Previews

Access previews that you can use to see your post before it goes live, use the share link to send this around your business and to your clients or prospects.

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Frequently asked questions

Can’t find the answer you’re looking for? Reach out to our customer support team.

Do i sign-up for myself on behalf of my client?

We will be introducing team and agency functionality soon to allow you to manage individual authors and clients in one place so the best thing to do is to sign-up for yourself and then use the author box within the guided submission to attribute your client.

I can’t seem to login once i have signed up?

All our contributors go through manual review to ensure that the content they publish is high-quality, accurate and interesting. You will usually get a review decision within 48 hours of which if you are successful, you will be able to log-in straight away.

How long does it take for a post to be published?

We aim to review and give a decision on your post in a maximum of 24 hours, however this can be quicker or slower depending on how busy we are and how much content has been submitted by our contributor community.

How do i pitch ideas or submit a press-release?

Right now that functionality isn’t available, but there will be new sections, that are within our future development plan to allow you to pitch and submit press-releases.