10 best grammar checking tools for content writers

Publishing your content, only to find incorrect sentences, structures, and typos? Use our top 10 fave grammar checking tools and kick errors to the kerb.

Publishing your beautiful content, only to find incorrect sentences, structures, and typos can be
a bit frustrating. Or worse, one of your readers emailing you or leaving a comment on your blog
about the poor quality of grammar. Creating content that includes mistakes can make the
difference between coming across as a professional, or a trivial. It can even interfere with your
brand reputation [link to brand reputation article].

We have created this article in order to help you find the right grammar checker for your needs,
so you can publish your content, being confident in your professionalism being represented in
the right way.

Here are the top 10 grammar checkers we will cover in this article:

ProWritingAid: Premium grammar checker for bloggers. [skip to this section now]
Writer: The grammar checker for professionals. [skip to this section now]
Grammarly: Easy-to-use tool applying AI processes. [skip to this section now]
Ginger Online: Start proofreading your texts fast. [skip to this section now]
Linguix: The writing assistant you need. [skip to this section now]
WhiteSmoke: Grammar and style checker solution. [skip to this section now]
LanguageTool: Tool for more than 20 languages. [skip to this section now]
Online Correction: Online checkеr for spelling and diction. [skip to this section now]
Zoho Writer: Free grammar checker. [skip to this section now]
Outwrite: Grammar checker powered by AI. [skip to this section now]

  1. ProWritingAid

    This is an online style editor and grammar checker for content creators and writers in general. Itenables you to quickly edit spelling errors, optimize word choices, edit grammar, and fix punctuation. Additionally, it provides reports to help you improve your writing skills. It can be integrated into Google Docs, Gmail, and even WordPress. In addition, the platform offers in-app suggestions, explanations, videos, quizzes, and articles to help you build your writing skills in real-time. You can also upload documents to the platform’s web-based editor.

    Key Features:

    ● Checks for plagiarism.
    ● More writing reports than any other tool.
    ● Spelling and grammar check software.
    ● Third-party integration and browser extensions are available.
    ● Suggestions to help improve words power and clarity.
    ● Mac and Windows support

  2. Writer

    In addition to covering tone, grammar, and punctuation, Writer performs more content checks
    than any of the other writing assistants. They focus on checking your company’s content for
    clarity writing style, terminology, readability, brand voice, and tone. It is quickly becoming a
    favorite for many companies.
    Key Features:

    ● One-click proofreading.
    ● Tense and punctuation analyzer.
    ● Readability and language check.
    ● Grammar and spelling editor.
    ● Inclusivity and plagiarism check.
    ● Company-approved messaging and terms.

  3. Grammarly

    Grammarly is among the most popular grammar checkers and online editing tools, especially
    among bloggers. Their online grammar checker detects all types of mistakes from sentence
    structure to misused words. It also suggests grammar, punctuation, spelling, and style changes
    in real-time. Additionally, when you have a Grammarly account, you will be able to add words to
    your personal dictionary, check your content for different genres, and select the preferred
    language and English dialect.

    Key Features:

    ● Plagiarism detector with the paid version.
    ● A robust algorithm that thoroughly scans your writing errors.
    ● Easy-to-use spelling and grammar checker.
    ● Provide specific suggestions based on the context of your writing.
    ● Third-party integration and browser extensions available.
    ● Exceptional user interface.

  4. Ginger

    Ginger is a spell checker and grammar system that helps users write better and faster. In
    addition to their standard editing tool, they offer a personal trainer to help you improve your
    English, a series of features including a dictionary, text reader, and a translator of over 50
    different languages.

    The program can be downloaded into Safari or Google Chrome as well as Microsoft Word,
    PowerPoint, and Outlook. Ginger also comes as a desktop app that can be installed on
    Windows and Mac, as well as iOS and Android.

    Key Features:

    ● Browser extensions are available.
    ● Proven software for spelling and grammar error checks.
    ● Translations in over 60 languages.
    ● Proofreads your text as you type.
    ● Improves style by rephrasing sentences.
    ● Personalized practice sessions based on your own writing.

  5. Linguix

    Linguix detects over 2000 advanced errors and suggests the best grammar, style, and
    punctuation. This tool is more than just a spell checker and has thousands of advanced
    correctors? Advanced corrections that cover thousands of issues from style to grammar. Linguix
    offers browser extensions to help pick up and fix your mistakes on email and Google Docs.
    Additionally, they have their built-in vocabulary suggestions as well as their reading support
    feature, of their “look up in Linguix” to help get the definition instantly.

    Key Features:

    ● Spelling, grammar, and style check software.
    ● Paraphrasing tool to rewrite and enhance sentences.
    ● Writing insights on a company and individual users’ level.
    ● Advanced insights and readability scores.
    ● Gives content templates for faster writing.
    ● Business dashboard and team management.
    ● Browser extension and third-party tools integration.

  6. WhiteSmoke

    WhiteSmoke is a proofreading software and grammar checker that corrects spelling mistakes,
    anything from punctuation, word choice, grammar, and style mistakes. In addition, they offer a
    dictionary and translator for more than 50 languages, a plagiarism checker, error explanations,
    and video tutorials. Their Natural Language Processing (NLP) technology features AI and
    algorithms for text analysis. They even offer a mobile tool app for iOS and Android.

    Key Features:

    ● Anti-plagiarism tool + Thesaurus.
    ● AI technology and natural language processing techniques.
    ● Translation services to 55 languages.
    ● Expert grammar correction and punctuation checker services.
    ● Editing for correction of sentence structure, punctuation, and spelling errors.
    ● Simple clutter-free user interface.

  7. LanguageTool

    LanguageTool is powered by Open Source software and is developed by language enthusiastic
    and software developers. Therefore, it is a very unique online grammar checker. It is a very
    accurate grammar checker, easy to use and the tool can be downloaded for offline use.
    Futhermore, they offer grammar detection errors for various different languages and can be
    accessed through mobile devices. Their forum also has a lot of helpful content and gives great
    customer support.

    Key Features:

    ● Third-party integration and browser extensions available.
    ● Translation for over 20 languages.
    ● Proofreading tool with an easy-to-use, spell, and grammar checker.
    ● Corrects grammar errors in multiple languages.
    ● Ability to detect mistakes that other similar platforms fail to identify.
    ● Proofreading engine of more than 1,700 patterns for error detection.

  8. OnlineCorrection

    The online tool offers users to enter their text and check it for spelling and grammar errors and
    is 100% free. It also supports English dialects such as American, British, Australian, South
    African, and New Zealand English. However, it is important to note that after 30min of submitting
    content, it will be deleted as they ensure users’ privacy is protected.

    Key Features:

    ● Instantly offers suggestions for text improvements.
    ● Website detection of errors in spelling, style mistakes, and basic grammar.
    ● Identical-looking websites with different domain names for different languages.

  9. Zoho Writer

    Zoho Writer is a great online tool for checking spelling and grammar mistakes as well as the
    style. It is backed by machine learning and therefore generates smart suggestions such as
    finding punctuation mistakes, subject-verb agreements, and context-aware suggestions such as
    effect/affect. Their smart writing assistant also tracks the way you use passive voice, cliches,
    and adverbs. Zoho Writer is therefore great for professional documents for your business.

    Key Features:

    ● Readability analysis.
    ● AI-powered writing assistant.
    ● Improper word choices correction.
    ● Writing quality improver.
    ● Spelling and sentence-style check.

  10. Outwrite

    Outwrite is a plagiarism and grammar checker tool that is powered by AI and rephrases
    suggestions and spelling to improve the quality of the writing. Available as a web app you can
    sign in from any web browser. It is available as an extension for Google Docs, Chrome, and
    Microsoft Word. However, it is currently only available for iOS. Their AI features scan the text
    and offer recommendations to avoid the use of passive voice, and simplify sentences. In
    addition, it also offers a great plagiarism checker in various languages.

    Key Features:

    ● Plagiarism detection ensures the originality of your writing.
    ● Tracks statistics about your writing such as grade level, word count, and readability.
    ● AI-powered proofreading tool.
    ● Improves fluency, efficiency, and clarity of writing with GradeProof’s Eloquence Engine.


    There you have it! Why not try a few of these, or all of them if you fancy, and get to know the
    tool. Who knows, maybe you have found your new best friend. Either way, try them out when you write content on our platform for publications like

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