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In this article, we will give you 10 free online communities for journalists to check out. Pick a few that resonates with you the most to help assist you in your life and job as a journalist.

Online communities are a valuable place for journalists, whether employed or freelancers, to stay up-to-date with the latest news, tips, and jobs. They are also a great way to hold fun conversations with other journalists, turn for advice and build your network.

In this article, we will give you 10 free online communities for journalists to check out. Pick a few that resonates with you the most to help assist you in your life and job as a journalist.


  • The Journalists on Facebook page is a great journalism community online and a resource for the industry. It covers news and best practice tips for using the platform.
  • The #mojocon is a group for anyone asking questions and sharing ideas around mobile journalism.
  • Another great Facebook group for journalists is JornoAnswers, with more than 700 freelance journalists members posting questions, answers, jobs and networking events. As it is a closed Facebook group, you will need approval before joining.


  • LinkedIn offers a range of groups and communities to discuss journalism, of of them is the Journalist’s group, which allows journalists to share reporting tips, exchange ideas and learn how to use LinkedIn as a journalistic tool.


  • Modern Journalists, they also have a Slack account here they go further talking about digital reporting, web journalism, interactive storytelling and the future of news.
  • The community on Journalism Tool “explore tools and resources for the next generation of journalists.”


  • The thread /r/journalism on Reddit, has close to 9,000 members giving advice, posting questions, and links to jobs.


  • Quora offers a range of different threads dedicated to journalism, where people ask questions and help each other to answer them. It is a great place to find resources, network and learn about the industry or any questions you have.


  • Modern Journalist: This channel has almost 200 members with different channels. Here the members talk about web developments, education, and jobs.
  • Digital Journalism Rocks: This is a community for journalist enthusiasts who are interested in collaborating with other journalists. The community has a variety of channels such as messaging bots, data journalism and audio.
  • News Nerdery: The community has around 40 different channels and focus mostly on tech, but there is also analytic discussions and data journalism.


  • Although Medium is more of a blog platform, it was created to deepen the connection between writers and readers to lead to growth and discovery. Medium say “it’s an environment that’s open to everyone but promotes substance and authenticity”. If you are a freelancer journalist, this is a fantastic platform to publish content to get your work on there while having other users of the platform engaging with your content.


  • Very similar to Medium, vocal is more of a blog platform created for bloggers, but can be used to journalists to also showcase their work. Vocal also offers communities, which is powered by creators sharing their stories about their interests and passions. By following people with similar interests as you, and posting your own content, you can begin building your own community and network with others.

9.Freelance UK

  • The Freelance UK, is a journalism forum, that provides valuable information and news for freelancers and reports anything from market demand, tax issues, the latest marketing tips, and upcoming events and members can even showcase their work and find their next freelance job.


  • The Youth4work Journalism forum is a free online discussion forum where both youth and professional journalists ask questions and get answers to their questions from other talented individuals.

There you have it.

A wide variety of online communities from social media to blog platforms and online forums. There is a community for any journalist to join. Have a look at the various online communities and see which one’s suits you best.

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