How great content builds brand equity

Social media has changed the marketing world as we know it. The traditional marketing and advertising days are almost over, and aggressive sales messages alone can no longer convince consumers.

Social media has changed the marketing world as we know it. The traditional marketing and advertising days are almost over, and aggressive sales messages alone can no longer convince consumers. Businesses now need to create and distribute relevant and valuable content to engage with consumers and influence their buying habits. As a result, more and more businesses are leveraging their content to build brand equity.

In this article, we will look at:

  • What is brand equity, and why is it important?
  • How can high-quality content improve brand equity?
  • Three ways content helps to build brand equity.

What is brand equity?

In essence, brand equity is how people see your brand. How do they recognize you? What makes you different from your competitors? Essentially, it is your brand’s essence created through consumers’ perceptions based on your reputation and brand personality. It is all about how people feel about you and your products/services. Thus, it is built on the customer’s experiences with your business, creating your brand value. The more they like your brand, the stronger your brand equity.

Therefore, it builds brand loyalty and motivates existing customers to spread the word about your brand. Granted, when building your brand, you are more likely to compete with global brands. For this reason, your strategy for positioning yourself in the marketplace is vital. The better your brand equity, the more credible and trustworthy your brand becomes.

Nonetheless, there are various ways to do that, however, content lies at the heart of it all. Therefore, focusing your time on creating quality content is vital and making sure it is valuable to the customers.

Why is brand equity so important?

Brand equity is important if you want to sell more products at higher prices or hope to attract investors.

1. Increases sales

Having a brand gives consumers something they can trust. It becomes a promise, a seal of quality, of what to expect. Thus, building brand equity is the foundation for cutting through the noise and stay ahead of market entrants.

2. Chances for higher profits

Consumers are also more willing to pay for brands they like, just go to a supermarket and compare the prises between, let’s say Tesco’s own brand and a reputable branded brand. The ability to charge more results in a higher profit margin and is thus also a result of the company’s performance and strengths.

3. Has more influence

There are benefits that come along with high levels of brand equity. One of the benefits is the opportunities that come along with the ability for partnerships, as companies will be more open to working with established and influential allies. In addition, companies with strong brand equity, also find it easier to recruit more talented people. Because, naturally, if employees talk about how amazing it is to work at a company, word-of-mouth is formulated and more people are attracted to seeking a job there.

How brand equity is built from content

Not only does great content build SEO, but as previously mentioned, it makes sure customers are happy and interested in engaging with your brand and thus helps to position your brand as a leader in the industry. This enhances the chances for word-of-mouth and word-of-mouse and thus brand reputation and value.

Three ways content builds brand equity

1. Share your brand story
Every business has a story. One that can inspire many with emotion and help connect with your audience. This is one of the best ways to build brand relevance and gain loyal customers. As long as you have something to share, people will continue to listen. You can share your brand story with press releases and updates or news about your brand. Why not use our publishing platform, Launched, to widen your audience and online presence, increasing your possibility of new leads and conversions?

2. Earn trust and build loyalty

Brand equity can never be built without trust. So how do we earn trust? Content. As mentioned, writing quality content that provides value and relevant articles and blog posts by your brand goes a long way. Because the more your audience sees your quality content, the more they will listen to you.

However, don’t only limit yourself to articles and blog posts. You want to make sure you’re on social media as well as any other channels that might be relevant to your business and where your audience would be hanging-out. You may also want to consider publishing your content to media outlets where other reputable brands are publishing their content. This has a proven record of helping brands build brand reputation and equity. If you have not already, sign-up on our publishing platform to post your content, where you can create backlinks to your own website.

If done correctly, strong content can do the selling for you. Remember that content is not for you and your business but is made to serve your audience. Think about what information they are looking for and what they are interested in. If you can fulfill these needs in their life, they will begin to see you as an authority and come back for more, building brand loyalty.

3. Establish yourself as an authority/industry leader

You now probably know that content is the key to communicating your brand’s value and positioning your brand as a thought leader in your industry. However, to succeed, you need a proper strategy that is genuine in your approach to providing the content. This means that ‘okay’ content can cause more harm than good, as it does not enable you to be positioned as an authority. Therefore, it is better to have content published less regularly but with a high value than continuously, and it is just so-so.

It is also not enough to just focus on the audience’s pain points. There needs to be a demonstration of expertise and knowledge. This means creating content that inspires and motivates your audience to think outside of the box.

In conclusion,

Remember that your competitors also try to stand out from the crowd and establish themselves as an authority. Therefore, you need to make sure you focus on quality content and perhaps speak about something your competitors have not yet spoken about. The main thing is that you create meaningful content for your customers, which in turn helps you build brand equity.

If you want to start generating more content and build your brand equity, share your content on our publishing platform, Launched. Create an account for free and fast-track past the email boxes and get your content published quickly and easily.

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