How to create a backlink strategy for your business that works

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In this article, we will briefly look at what backlinks are, why this tactic is important to include in your marketing, and give you six different ways how to create a backlink strategy for your business that works.

Incorporating a backlink strategy is one of the most powerful ways when it comes to building brand awareness. Perhaps your marketing strategy has been focused on creating content [links to appropriate article] that is search engine optimized (SEO), yet overlooked the power of backlinks – which can further enhance your SEO even more.

In this article, we will briefly look at what backlinks are, why this tactic is important to include in your marketing, and give you six different ways how to create a backlink strategy for your business that works.

What are backlinks?

In short, backlinks are when other websites link back to your website. You might also know them as inbound links or external links, or Do-Follow and No-Follow links. The main difference between Do-Follow and No-Follow backlinks are two ways in which the links tell Google if the website being linked to, should pass website authority from the original website, or not.

You can read more about how to generate backlinks for your business here [links to appropriate article].

Why are backlinks important to include in your marketing?

Google values them for SEO. They are even considered one of the most important factors for ranking. They provide authority, relevancy, and credibility, and tell Google that your content is valuable in some way. The few benefits include:

  • Building credibility and brand awareness.
  • Driving organic traffic.
  • Improving the SEO of your website.
  • Creating lead generation and sales conversions.

Creating a backlink strategy

The higher quality backlinks you have, the better the results you will have. It is recommended to earn your backlinks, rather than just trying to create them yourself or to even paying for them. Hence, why creating a backlink strategy is vital.

6 ways to build a backlink strategy

1. Creating high-quality and sharable content

One of the most obvious ways to gain backlinks is to make sure you have high-quality, sharable, content. Articles that provide value and information that is wanted by your audience, will help build SEO and therefore gives you the opportunity to generate more business opportunities.

2. Become a guest blogger

Bloggers and businesses who rely on content are always looking for guest bloggers and writers. Not only does this create a new business opportunity for you to broaden your brand awareness by getting in front of their audience and building personal authority, but you also build your backlink bank. Good bloggers and businesses will allow at least one link to be linked back to your own website, as this serves their own audience too.

3. Identify broken links

One of the most obvious things to include in your strategy is making sure your links are working and not broken. If you find any broken backlinks, try reaching out to the publisher to let them know. You might also want to give them another high-quality blog post or article. This might be to replace the content removed or to give them a new appropriate link for them to include.

4. Create infographics

Infographics, in recent years, have gained more popularity due to their simplicity and ability to provide content and information in a much easier way to understand data-rich information due to its visual aspect. By producing colorful and engaging infographics, you can reach out to a publisher who might be interested in the information provided and include a link to your own website that way. A great platform to publish your infographic yourself is Pinterest – which has become similar to a search engine itself.

5. Request links from mentions

You might be surprised if you Google your name to see how many are actually talking about you and your brand. Use this as leverage and ask them to link the content to your website. This is an easy way to build Do-Follow links, as the publisher already knows who you are.

6. Reach out to online communities

Although you do not receive Do-Follow links from an online community platform [link to appropriate article] the No-Follow links still impact SEO and are worth utilizing. Therefore, you can gain backlinks to your site by going onto online communities such as Reddit, Quora, and other publishing platforms such as our own platform, Launched. All these backlinks, even if they are No-Follow, build up and strengthen SEO more so than without them.


And there you have it! There are many ways to build backlinks, and tactics to include in your backlink strategy. Remember that it is a testing game. Some ways might not work for you, or feel is in alignment with your brand, but that is okay. Just play around with the different tactics and see what works best for you and your brand. Nevertheless, no matter what tactics you use to utilize in your backlink strategy, the foundations are the same. You need high-quality and sharable content to generate backlinks. Have fun and go backlink hunting!

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