How to get your brand inside a magazine


Getting your brand in a magazine is beneficial in so many ways. Not only are you introduced to a new set of audiences and create brand awareness, but you are also able to build credibility and become seen as an expert in the field. Because you must be legit if a magazine chooses to feature your brand. Therefore, along with all of the aforementioned, you will most likely also receive an influx of visitors to your site as you become more relevant in the industry

Before your media outreach

However, ensure you have all the marketing assets before you do any media outreach. This includes your:

How to get your brand inside a magazine

  • Website
  • Logo
  • Social media platforms
  • Testimonials
  • Mission statement
  • Images
  • And brand guidelines if you have it

3 Steps before reaching out to media outlets

1. Create your story

You then want to make sure you have a newsworthy story to share, as media outlets have to have a story before they write the article. You can also make sure it is trending or tied into a special holiday (eg. how is your product or service helping the people you love or your community?). Do you have an inspiring story to share? Or a product/service that is disrupting the industry? If you want to be featured in a magazine, these are the questions you have to think about.

2. Write a press release

When writing a press release, make sure you are writing a strong first sentence and intro. Often times this is the only part of the release a journalist will read. A strong press release contains all the details of your brand story and announcement (whatever that might be) so they can write an article by only reading your press release. Learn how to write a strong, catchy press release here.

3. Organize your process

Make sure the internal communication with your team is on board with the structure and process of pitching and sending out press releases. A great way is to have spreadsheets or workflows to keep track of what pitches have been accepted where any feedback and responses etc.

4 ways to get featured in a magazine

1. Pitch your brand

There are a few ways you go do this:
Send samples to a magazine: Why not make an impact right away by contacting a magazine editor and sending them a prototype or the product directly to them and letting your amazing product do the selling? Get creative and have fun! Make the packaging unique and perhaps include a handwritten note to make the whole experience for the editor enjoyable and memorable.

Email the editor directly: This strategy requires you to pitch your business yourself. Therefore some time spent on research is needed. Start by listing all the magazines in the industry you would like to be featured in and see if you can find any editor’s email addresses. If they’re not listed on the website, you can email their support and ask for the email address of one of their editors. Then pitch your brand to them and make sure you have all your media assets, as listed above, and include them in the email. Here you want to build a genuine connection with the editor. This also leaves the door open for any future work and collaborations together.

Reach out to influencers: By collaborating with influencers, who already have a large following and brand working with them, your business might be the next brand, the magazines in your industry reach out to. Make sure you contact influencers who have a similar audience to you though, who would be interested in your brand. Here you might want to ask to collaborate or perhaps send them a product, service, etc to review. This way magazines who might be interested in the influencer might take an interest in you and your brand too, as you have similar audiences and within the same interest industries. If the influencer has a blog, you can ask for backlinks to your website.

2. Create amazing content

If you focus on creating quality content and building a community can help increase your chances of magazines reaching out to you!

3. Embargos and Exclusives

If you send press releases to several publications, they might not publish your content as it is no longer a new press release announcement. The way you can go around this is Exclusives and Embargos.

4. Get printed and posted simultaneously

If you are working with a magazine that has both printed and digital outlets, ideally you want to make sure to be featured in both.

Celebrating your published article

Now it is time to celebrate! Once you have been featured in the publication, share your story on social media, and post links to the press release on your website. You might also want to create a blog about the feature. Don’t hold back! Hype about being featured in a magazine and utilize this to generate authority within your industry.

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