How to use content to generate business opportunities

In this article we will look at different types of content, that can help support you in generating business opportunities.

Content has never been in greater supply. There is a reason everyone is trying so hard to be seen and heard. Because, when done right, and successfully, it opens up the doors to connect with other brands, people, and opportunities that will enhance your business even more. Content marketing [link to the relevant article on content marketing] can be a hugely cost-effective way to generate leads and traffic. So how can you use content to stand out from the competition and generate business opportunities?

In this article we will look at different types of content, that can help support you in generating business opportunities. However, before we do that, there are a few questions you want to ask yourself before you begin creating the content itself:

  • Who am I creating this for?
  • Where do they look for information? Where do they spend time online?
  • How can my business help them?

Who am I creating this for?

This might seems like an obvious question, but so many content creators forget that the content is for your prospects, and not for you. Many forget who they are communicating with and who is actually reading the content you put out there.

Here are some things to consider:

  • How old are they?
  • What challenges do they face?
  • What is their background?
  • Where do they look for help?
  • What are they currently going through that your business can help them with?
  • How will they succeed in their career, life, etc?

Perhaps your content is for more than one audience? If this is the case, make sure the content you create is catered to more than one audience.

Where do they look for information? Where do they spend time online?

There are so many media platforms and channels to get your content on. Therefore, it is important to know where your specific audience spends time so that you are in the right place, in front of the right people. There are two main times when your content reaches your audience: when they are searching for information (eg. search engines) and when they are receptive to information (eg. social media). With this in mind, you want your content to be suitable, appropriate, and accessible in both scenarios. It needs to be able to be found in search as well as on social media.

How can my business help them?

Just as you need to know how your business is serving your clients and customers, and helping them solve any problems, your content needs clarity on this too. Showing how you and your business can help potential customers is one of the key aspects of content creation. Some of those who will come across your content may have never heard of your brand before. The content is a good opportunity to prove insight, guidance, and answers to their problems.

Here are 9 types of content that can help you create new businesses opportunities

There are many ways that you can create content. Pick the ones that are more relevant to your industry and audience, so you can reach the right people in the right way, and bring your message to life.

Blog Posts

Blog posts are a great way to help support SEO as well as give valuable and sharable information, guidance, and insight into your brand. They should ideally be created weekly, bi-weekly or monthly. However, the main thing is that you are able to stick to a consistent schedule. You might also want to experiment with blog lengths, to see what your audience prefers. When you have begun to create enough content, you may consider reaching out to other bloggers who are in a similar industry as you, to start collaborating with and with that broadening your business opportunities even further.


Although videos are significantly more time-consuming, if there is time for it, they can generate great opportunities for your business. It can be more engaging, and sharable, and is a great tool to use if you want to build trust and authority.


In a world where most people live hectic lives, many do not have time to read. Therefore, Podcasts can be a great way to share information with your audience, if there is a market for it. It also provides a human connection and builds trust. Furthermore, it proves content in an engaging way. They are also a great way to meet other Podcasters and therefore, be collaborating with them – opening up the doors to more business opportunities.


Ebook is a fantastic lead-generation tool, that offers valuable information in exchange for the audience’s contact information. They are often longer and go more in-depth compared to blog posts. Even though they may not be published as often as blog posts, they take your audience to the next stage in the inbound marketing process.

Case Studies

Case Studies are great to share customer success with your offerings and therefore provide authority and credibility. You can go further with case studies, by turning them into testimonials to include on your website, blog posts, and other platforms.


Infographics are great if you have a lot of complex information that needs to be broken down. For many, a visual format is easier to understand. By using visuals, you can display large data in a more compelling way than words can alone.


Templates are a great way to produce value for your audience while generating leads. It saves both your own time as well as your customer’s time – which is one of the most valuable things you can give them.

Press Releases

Press releases [link to how to write one article] are a great way to share exactly what you want the online world to know about you. You can here control the story of your brand and share any new and upcoming events, products, services, or announcements that will be interesting for your audience to know and hear about. Not only do they know it is coming from the direct source itself, but it also opens up the opportunity for you to publish your press releases on media outlets and use that as a catalyst to generate more leads and traffic to your website. Our new publishing platform Launched, allows you to create and publish beautiful press releases, that allow you to stay on-brand and on top of your brand reputation [link to appropriate article].


Guides and checklists are often forgotten about, yet they offer a great way to help your audience tackle a certain problem they are currently facing. It demonstrates your abilities and understanding of the issues and therefore gives your business further authority and credibility.

How to use content to generate business opportunities


Make sure you use the appropriate way to generate content for your business. By knowing who your audience is, you will also be able to better understand what type of content they might be most interested in. Make sure you share your content on social media to reach a larger audience, even if your specific target audience is not on there. Because the majority of people do a business search on social media to support their decision-making process, of whether they are legit or not, and if they know what they are doing. By staying relevant and showing up on social media and news publications like tbtech and launched, you are also further enhancing your business opportunities. Because even if your specific audience does not spend a lot of time on social media platforms, other people who are looking for a business like yours and want to work with you might.

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