How to use content to sell your product

Social Media

If you want to sell your products online, you need content. Before PPC and social media, SEO was how businesses could be found online. You can it was the reason search began in the first place. Although technology and the digital world have developed, with PPC and social media now in the picture as well, […]

How to plan PR for an upcoming trade show

Public relations (PR) can help generate leads, sales, brand awareness, secure sponsorships as well as secure your brand reputation. Planning is the core aspect of a successful PR strategy. This article will give you tips on how to plan PR for an upcoming trade show.

How to get your brand inside a magazine


Getting your brand in a magazine is beneficial in so many ways. Not only are you introduced to a new set of audiences and create brand awareness, but you are also able to build credibility and become seen as an expert in the field. Because you must be legit if a magazine chooses to feature […]

Different lead types and how they fit into a business’s pipeline

In essence, the sales pipeline is the summary of upcoming and available sales opportunities managers can use to better determine the bottlenecks in their sales funnel and the revenue they will generate as well as protected cash flow. It is a representation of where your prospects are in the sales process. It estimates how much […]

How to manage your brand’s reputation using media publishers

your brands reputation increasing

Customers are always talking about your brand on social media, blogs, online forums, and online review sites. Content about your brand appears in many different places online and that can make it very difficult to monitor the conversation going on about your brand. Because of that, many companies are now investing in online reputation management […]